Alan's Greatest Adventure logo

the title logo for the television series

Alan's Greatest Adventure is an upcoming computer-animated television series that will be produced by Ethan Kirchner Toonimation Studios, distributed by Lionsgate Television, and debuted exclusively for Netflix. It will be based on his new short film Alan, which will be created and directed by Ethan Kirchner for his film studio Ethan Kirchner Animation Pictures.



  • Alan Jones (the main titular protagonist of the series)
  • The Vega-D Brothers (Derek, Darryl, and Duncan) (Alan's next door neighbors in the Strawberry Springs apartment)
  • Zack Tyson (Alan's best friend)
  • Kristina Lynn (Alan's love interest who works at Chicken Boy's restaurant)
  • Jerome Bletzin (partner of Zack Tyson)
  • Dash (A hybrid of Dalmatian and Labrador Retriever and Alan's pet dog who lives in the apartment with his owner)
  • The Graffitti Bandits (the main antagonists of the series)


  • Officer Geoffrey Forrest and Sergant Barbara Brown
  • Dr. Kurt Blandry Ph. D
  • Pablo, Pierre, and Phillippe the Pigeons
  • Additional townspeople of Schellington



In November 2012, Ethan Kirchner started an idea of the television series, which is greenlit. The series will be produced by Ethan Kirchner Toonimation Studios and Lionsgate Television and will be modeled and animated using Autodesk's Maya and Mudbox, textured using Adobe's Photoshop, and rendered using Nvidia's mental ray.